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Spotlightr on WordPress

There are multiple ways you can add your Spotlightr videos to Wordpress.

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Wordpess is one of the most popular platforms in the world and most of our customers use Wordpress with Spotlightr.

There are many ways to add video to Wordpress, and how you add it will depend on what page builder you are using. Please check the section titles on the right to use the right link or code for the tool/page builder you are using.

A Wordpress Plugin is now available for Spotlightr! Please check here for instructions on using it. The plugin allows you to add videos, galleries, playlists, and quizzes to your Wordpress posts and pages without having to leave Wordpress. You can also use it to uploaded videos to Spotlightr.

Please note it's not mandatory to use the plugin to add your videos to Wordpress. You can still use Spotlightr with Wordpress without the plugin. Please see below for more info.

Pasting Watch Page link Directly Into Visual Editor

The quickest, easiest way to add video is to simply paste your Watch Page link into the Visual Editor. Please keep in mind that you need our Wordpress Plugin installed in order for this to work.

Just paste the link here:

And the video will automatically embed itself:

Using the Gutenberg HTML Block with Embed Code

The default page builder for Wordpress allows you to build your posts and pages using blocks. To add your video just add an HTML block and then add your code to that block.

Here you can see a post that is created with 2 "Paragraph" blocks already created so far. I have one sentence in each block:

Now I want to add an HTML block in between those to add my video.

First I'll hover over the blocks until I see the "+" button to add a block:

Then enter "HTML" into the search field and you will see the HTML block appear

Select that HTML block and then paste your embed code into that:

Now if you click inside that HTML code field it will give you options including a Preview option. Click that:

And you will see the video:

Now click away on a blank part of your screen and you will see how the video looks now in between the 2 Paragraph blocks added earlier:

That's it, your video is added and you can now publish or update your post/page. Keep in mind that Spotlightr is automatically set to fill the container that it's embedded to. If you want the video to be smaller you can either directly edit the size of the player using the Spotlightr settings

Using the Code Editor

Using the code editor is similar except you are interacting with all of your content in HTML form.

First I'm going to enable the Code Editor here:

Then you'll see everything in HTML. You'll notice the 2 blocks that were added are here:

And now if I want to add my video in between them, I would paste the embed code directly. You'll notice that Wordpress is adding the <p> and </p> tags before and after the embed code. This is fine and you can leave it:

Wordpress Page Builders

Spotlightr is of course compatible with all Wordpress page builders. In general you would use the builders HTML widget to add our embed code, though some of them do have some other ways of adding Spotlightr videos. Some also have direct integration with us.

Here is a list of some the more popular ones:

Check this section of our KB to see more articles on Spotlightr with third-party builders.

Should you experience any issues, looking forward to resolving them at

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