To install our plugin, you can download it here, Then browse to the Plugin menu in your Wordpress Admin and click on Add New:

Then click on Upload Plugin, then Choose File:

Browse to where you have the Spotlightr plugin saved (it's a .zip file) and select it to install.

Once installed, click on Activate Plugin:

Next browse to the Spotlightr plugin options in the left-side menu and click on Settings where you will log into your Spotlightr account:

Using the Plugin

Now that the plugin is installed, you can use it to add videos, playlists, galleries or quizzes to your Wordpress posts and pages.

Browse to Spotlightr >> Videos and you will be presented with your videos in folder form. Any videos not added to a folder can be found in the "Uncategorized" folder.

Click on any folder any you will be presented with the videos in that folder and a few options:

Click on the Publishing options and you will be shown a window where you can copy short-code to the video:

Simply paste that short-code into a post or page:

And it will render as a video:

You can also add a video by adding a Gutenberg block. Simply click on Add Block:

Search for Spotlightr and click on the Spotlightr Video block:

Your videos will then all load:

Simply browse to your video and click the button to add it:

Configure any custom publishing options and then click on Publish Video:

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