If you already have the old vooPlayer Wordpress plugin installed you can migrate to the new Spotlightr plugin. This will update all of the domains in the shortcodes you already have embedded. Please download the installation, deactivate vooPlayer plugin and then install and activate the Spotlightr plugin.

As of right now, while it probably will still work, we are no longer supporting the WP plugin since it is not working well with the latest version of WordPress Gutenberg.

We have instead decided to dedicate resources to releasing a Chrome Extension which we believe is an improved version of the WP plugin.

If you are using the WP plugin:

Please note that the purpose of the plugin is only to facilitate the embedding process. You can embed a video without using the plugin by simply copying the embed code from Spotlightr directly.

Once you add your video inside of Spotlightr, simply copy the Embed Code and place it into your Wordpress Post or Page.

It is important to mention that if you are using some custom builder for WP like Elementor or Divi, the right way is to use the Custom HTML element (sometimes named as "Code" or "Raw HTML") as a source container for the embed code. Do not use the Video element, it will not work. 

Specific guides for different themes and builders can be reviewed here.

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