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WordPress Plugin Tutorial
WordPress Plugin Tutorial

Installing a Spotlightr Plugin in WordPress

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The Wordpress plugin allows you to add videos, galleries, playlists, and quizzes to your Wordpress posts and pages without having to leave Wordpress. You can also use it to uploaded videos to Spotlightr.

Our plugin is necessary if you want to paste your Watch Page links into the Visual editor so that it automatically embeds the video.

Please note it's not mandatory to use the plugin to add your videos to Wordpress. You can still use Spotlightr with Wordpress without the plugin. For a complete look on how Spotlightr works with Wordpress check this article.

Just looking to download the plugin? It can be downloaded here.


To install our plugin, browse to the Plugin menu in your Wordpress Admin and click on Add New:

Search for Spotlightr. Install and activate the plugin.


Next browse to the Spotlightr plugin options in the left-side menu and click on Settings where you will log into your Spotlightr account:

Using the Plugin

Now that the plugin is installed, you can use it to add videos, playlists, galleries or quizzes to your Wordpress posts and pages.

Browse to Spotlightr >> Videos and you will be presented with your videos in the Projects folders.

Click on any folder any you will be presented with the videos in that folder and a few options:

Click on the Publishing options and you will be shown a window where you can copy short-code to the video:

Simply paste that short-code into a post or page:

And it will render as a video:

You can also add a video by adding a Gutenberg block. Simply click on Add Block:

Search for Spotlightr and click on the Spotlightr Video block:

Your videos will then all load:

Simply browse to your video and click the button to add it:

Configure any custom publishing options and then click on Publish Video:

Translated Plugin

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