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Publishing Spotlightr with Elementor
Publishing Spotlightr with Elementor

Use the HTML element to embed Spotlightr videos with Elementor most effectively

Updated over a week ago

To embed with Elementor you need to use the HTML widget/element here and use our embed code:

Once you add that widget to the page, copy our code to it:

If you wish to embed a Spotlightr video into the Accordion Widget in Elementor, it is necessary to enable the option "Force Resize When Visible". This is found by navigating to your App Settings menu >> Global options tab. In this way, the video will be properly resized when you expand that element on your site.


Error: yoursubdomain.cdn.spotlightr%20lazyload.comโ€™s server IP address could not be found.

If you are getting an error like the one above on your embedded video, then there is likely some plugin that has a lazy load setting for HTML widgets that is conflicting with our embed code.

For example, if you are using Elementor page builder then you should be using their HTML widget as described above to add our embed code. If you are using the SiteGround Optimizer plugin, then there will be a conflict. You will need to disable the Lazy Load iframes setting inside of the SG Optimizer plugin here:

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