By default Spotlightr embed code works with Wordpress. And the majority of our customers use Wordpress as it continues to grow in reach and market-share as one of the leading CMS's and website builders.

Because Wordpress is so customizable, with hundreds of thousands of different plugins and themes and millions upon millions of different configurations, a few customers may run into issues.

For example, the theme being used might handle embed code differently. Or the video plugin you are using will only accept links from Youtube. Every theme, plugin, and page builder has their own "rules". So if you are running into a problem it might be documented here. If not, please do reach out to the helpdesk.

We will continue to build out this article as we get more questions about Wordpress from customers in the helpdesk.

Problem: Embed code is displaying in a large, portrait orientation

We've noticed a few themes here and there will display our regular embed code like this:

When it should be like this:

This is not a Wordpress issue. This is an issue with the theme. For some reason these themes are using their own "video wrapper" when our regular embed code is used.

If this happens please contact our helpdesk so we can troubleshoot directly.

Question: In general, should I use the "video element" or the "HTML element" for my Wordpress page builder or theme?

Depending on which page builder you are using, the video element will generally work. However we would recommend you just use the HTML element as we are confident that when you use it there will be no issues with the display of any features on your player.

If you use the HTML element nothing should interfere with the code as it should be designed to just runt he HTML as inputted.

Question: I'm using a page builder like Divi or Elementor. How should I add my videos?

Please browse through our Publishing Videos Collection here in the knowledge base for specific instructions on your page builder or theme.

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