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Spotlightr on Thrive Architect
Spotlightr on Thrive Architect

You may embed Spotlightr videos in the Thrive Architect builder easily by using the Custom HTML element

Updated over a week ago

There are 2 ways to add your videos with Thrive. First, you can use the Custom HTML element and add our embed code. Second, you can use their direct integration with Spotlightr.

We describe both options below, however as the direct integration with Thrive is no longer working well as Thrive is using our old video player.

We are currently waiting on the Thrive team to update it. Until then, please use the Custom HTML element.

Custom HTML element

Please use the Custom HTML element from Thrive Architect in order to place the Spotlightr code on your pages:

Direct Integration

In collaboration with the Thrive Architect team, there is a new option to add a Spotlightr video into their Video Element via our Watch Page link. 

For the complete guide, please refer here.

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