Spotlightr on Divi

You can embed Spotlightr in Divi builder using the code or text elements rather than the video element.

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Using Spotlightr with Divi is easy. Just copy your embed code and use either the code module or the text module and paste in your embed code.

We have seen on rare occasion small issues in the way our advanced embed code is handled by Divi. If you see any issues and are using our advanced embed code please switch to our standard embed code.

Here are the various ways to add our embed code:

Using the Code Module:

To use Spotlightr with Divi, you can add a Code Module to your page:

Then add your embed code:

If your video looks small like this with the scroll bar, and doesn't fill the container, don't worry. It's only showing like this in the in the back-end:

It will show properly and play properly on the front-end to visitors:

Use the Text Module

You can also use the Text Module:

Just make sure that when you add the embed code that you are adding it when you are using the Text tab and not the Visual tab:

Should you experience any difficulties, we look forward to assisting you at

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