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Migrating YouTube Videos to Spotlightr
Migrating YouTube Videos to Spotlightr

Import all video links from your YouTube channel

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To import links from your YouTube channel, you will need your YouTube Channel ID. This will import only the public videos, not unlisted or private.

To import unlisted videos in bulk, you'll need to prepare a CSV file and import that.

It's important to note here that Spotlightr is not copying the video files or uploading any video files. We are simply taking the URLs of every public video and adding them to your account via our hybrid hosting process.

So this is just like adding URLs from Youtube one at a time, except here we are creating a way for you to do this in bulk from your channel. We are essentially importing all of your public Youtube video URLs to your Spotlightr account.

To get started create a new Project or open an existing one. Then Add Videos, switch to the Link tab, select YouTube Channel from the icons on the right:

Then paste your YT Channel ID and click on Get Videos:

By default, all public videos from your YT Channel are selected. Select the videos which you wish to import or leave them all selected and click on the button Import.

Once the Import process is completed, you will see the following screen:

You should now see them listed in your Project. If you don't, try doing a hard refresh.

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