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CSV Import to Spotlightr
CSV Import to Spotlightr

If you are able to provide a CSV file of publicly accessible URLs to video sources you can import as many videos as you have at once.

Updated over a week ago

Simply open your Project and then select to add videos to your Project.

Then click on the LINK tab. You will see an icon on the right side to upload via CSV.

Click here to download a sample CSV. Just download as .csv file, edit the columns to add your links and titles, and then upload to Spotlightr. Please also make sure you keep the the column titles "URL" and "Name" intact.

Please note this does NOT upload your videos to Spotlightr. When you are using the Link tab you are using our Hybrid Hosting feature in which we are playing the videos from it's location and using our video player. Nothing is being copied or uploaded to Spotlightr servers.

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