The Spotlightr platform allows for videos to be played with our player but hosted on other platforms like Youtube and Amazon S3.  You just need the link from the external platform and then you can copy that link into your Spotlightr video.

Please note that it's very important to understand the benefits and drawbacks of linking a video/hybrid hosting. Please see this article for more information on that.

To link a video, you simply need the URL of the video. Some of the supported formats are:

  • YouTube

  • CloudApp

  • GoogleDrive

  • Facebook

  • DropBox

  • Amazon S3

  • pCloud

(More information on specific allowed formats is here)

Adding a Link to Spotlightr

Navigate to the Project you want to add the video to and click to add a video. On the Add videos page click on the LINK tab. Then paste in your link and hit the enter key:

Just paste your link into the corresponding field and click on VALIDATE button.

As you can see the video name will simply be that link by default. Click it to rename it to something more appropriate. Then click on Import:

You can import as many links as you want. To add links by bulk there is a CSV option as well as an option to link direct from your Youtube Channel:

Once your videos are added you can click on this entry icon here to navigate to that specific video if you wish:

When you view a list of your videos, a small YouTube icon will indicate that this video is from YouTube (other linked sources will have other icons here)

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