YouTube Logo Regulations

Why do I see the YouTube Logo on my videos?

Updated over a week ago

When linking from Youtube to Spotlightr we are able to remove ads, related videos, Youtube branding, etc.

In some scenarios you may see the YouTube logo on your video and/or related YouTube videos showing at the end of your video. This is happening because of the settings of that particular video inside of YouTube.  You will need to log into that YouTube account and check the settings of that video.

Here is a list of the specific settings you will need to check.  The logo and related videos could be shown due to just one or all of these settings so please check all of them.

  • The video you chose has Enabled age restriction - If age restriction is Enabled, you'll need to Disable that.

  • License and rights ownership is set to Standard YouTube License -  In this case you will need to change that and select Creative Commons

  • Embedding is not allowed - You will need to change it to Allow embedding

  • The Video you chose is Private - Private videos actually won't work at all with Spotlightr.  If you want to use Spotlightr with any YouTube video, it must NOT be set to Private

  • YouTube has declared copyrights for the video ( i.e. If you chose a music video that someone has signed copyrights to, or any other famous video presentation ) - In this case there is nothing you can do.

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