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Supported Video Formats and Sources
Supported Video Formats and Sources

Supported video sources for linked/hybrid hosting as well as supported file types that can be uploaded

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Supported video formats for uploading to Spotlightr:

  • MP4 (H.264 Encoded) - Highly recommended

  • M4V

  • OGG

  • WebM

  • MOV

  • FLV (not recommended)

Here is a list of supported video sources for our hybrid hosting. Please note this is not an exhaustive list. If the video is publicly available on a third-party platform, it will likely work with Spotlightr.

Please also note that it's important to understand the benefits and drawbacks of linking videos. Please see the article for a full review of those.

Supported platforms for linking to Spotlightr:

  • YouTube - Videos must be Public or Unlisted. Private videos will not work

  • Dropbox - Must be MP4 format and no spaces or special characters in filenames

  • Microsoft OneDrive - Must be MP4.

  • pCloud - Must be set to Public. Must be MP4.

  • CloudApp - Must be MP4.

  • Amazon S3 - Learn more (Ensure you encode your video in .mp4 h264 for fast streaming)

  • Amazon CloudFront - Must be MP4.

  • - Must be MP4.

  • Any self-hosted video link - Must be MP4.

    ***Links from Vimeo and Google Drive are no longer supported

Supported audio formats for uploading to Spotlightr:

  • MP3

  • WAV

To avoid conflicts and issues, please DO NOT use spaces and/or any special characters in your file names such as %, '. #. @, &, etc..

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