Spotlightr not only allows you to upload videos directly to our cloud, but we also offer what we call Hybrid Hosting. That means you can take a link from Youtube, and add it to the Spotlightr platform and use our player. This way you can utilize Spotlightr's interface, take advantage of our customization and marketing features, and then post the video(s) to your site by using our embed code.  

Typically when you add a Youtube link to Spotlightr we are able to play the video without related videos, ads, and the Youtube logo. In these cases, linked video statistics and the views will only be collected inside of your Spotlightr video analytics.

If the Youtube logo appears while playing the video from Spotlightr, then the views will be counted in both applications in parallel.

Please refer to the article YouTube Logo Regulations to read more about it .

  • Videos played in Spotlightr look much more professional since you are able to customize the look and feel to match your brand

  • You will get rid of the YT ads

  • You will save some storage space in Spotlightr (linked videos don't count towards your storage space)

  • You can use the advanced marketing tools

  • SEO benefits

Using Spotlightr on your site instead of Youtube has the SEO benefits, in that:

  • You can add a social share button right on top of the video for shares.  Social signals from your videos increase SEO value.

  • Embedding YouTube videos (instead of using Spotlightr) runs the risk of losing traffic to YT and increasing bounce rate.

  • Better chance of people linking to your content if you embed using our player.  If you embed with YouTube and someone wants to link to it, they might link to the video on YouTube instead of your own web page that holds the embedded video.

Are my linked videos secured?

One disadvantage to linking video to Spotlightr, as opposed to uploading direct, is security. Only videos uploaded to the Spotlightr directly are encrypted and protected if you choose the "Secure My Video" option during upload.

For more information on why using Spotlightr is better than using Youtube, please read this post on our blog.

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