Can you download and then watch this video?

If security is a concern and you want to do everything you can to prevent piracy of your video content, upload your videos to our platform and enable the option for HLS encryption.  When enabled we encrypt your videos that are hosted with us, making it virtually impossible for viewers to use any of those popular browser plugins and extensions that are used to download (and share) videos they shouldn't be able to download.

When uploaded to Spotlightr with encryption, most of those piracy plugins and extensions won't even get as far as downloading anything.  A few do make it possible to download a file, however it is still encrypted, will not play, and will be totally unusable.  

Feel free to click the image above to get redirected to a video on one of our Watch Pages.  Try one of those plugins or extensions yourself and test out the encryption, and please give us your feedback.

Every video you create with Spotlightr gets it's very own Watch page like the one linked above.  Use this link to easily share your content on social media, emails, or on your own website.  It's just one way we make it easy to quickly publish your videos!

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