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How to secure your video(s)?

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At Spotlightr we take your video security very seriously. As you might imagine, this can be quite difficult as different plugins and browser extensions are constantly coming out that enable people to download your video content without your consent.   

The Spotlightr team created measures and steps in order to maximize the security of your video content across all platforms your videos may be published.

The first feature, HLS encryption, makes it virtually impossible for anyone to download and play your video content.  The features that follow are other security features that we have implemented into the Spotlightr platform that you might find useful.

HLS segmentation encryption

To secure and prevent unauthorized downloading of your video content, upload a video to the Spotlightr cloud and use the option "Secure My Video" (HLS segmentation encryption), then paste the embed code on your site.

This feature is enabled by default when you upload a video:

We'll encrypt your video so that only our player will be able to play the video. This also makes it virtually impossible to download content. Even if plugin/extension manages to download some form of a file, the file will be useless as the decryption should be almost impossible, thus preventing the video from actually playing.

Secured Video Example

We have an example for you to try, please visit our page here for that.

Domain level and password protection

Now you can control which domains have access to and can play your content. For more info, please refer to this article: Restricting A Single Video To Play On Certain Domain(s).
You can also lock your videos with a set password, to learn more about this feature check this help-article: Password Protect.

Disable Watch Page

Our Watch Page is another way to share your video except embedding it on your website. Disabling watch page for a specific video is an additional level of protection.

You can disable the Watch Page within the applied theme. Navigate to the Edit mode of the applied Theme >> Security.

To disable it, simply move this toggle and click on the Save button, then Save & Close the Theme.

Now the Watch Page will be disabled for all Projects on which this theme is applied. Viewers will see this message on the Watch Page:

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