Facebook does not allow embed code from any outside platform to work inside of Facebook. They drive people to upload content directly to Facebook. Due to these restrictions, Spotlightr videos are shareable via a link inside of Facebook.

We use our Watch page for this function.

This means that you can post a link to your Watch page which will create a thumbnail image that the viewer can then click-thru to your video. So when a viewer clicks on your Spotlightr post (image) he is automatically redirected to your Watch Page.

We use the Social Sharing & SEO Metadata feature to configure your social sharing functionality.

To edit the image that is used when you share your Watch page on Facebook, as well as the title and description of your post/image, just navigate to Video Settings >> Social Sharing & SEO Metadata.

Here is what those settings look like by default. For social sharing we are only concerned with the Social Sharing menu displayed here. The SEO Optimization and Video Share Widget are described in another article.

Here's what each of these fields mean and what they look like inside of Facebook:

Share Link - This is the link you share in social media. When shared it will typically show an image as well. So this link will be the the destination page when that image is clicked. As mentioned above, this is set to your Watch page.

Share Headline - By default this is the title of the video. This is text that shows in large font underneath your image. This can be changed.

Share Text - The text that shows underneath your Share Headline (also called the description). By default it's blank, but you can add whatever you'd like.

Share Image - The image that displays when you share your link. By default this field will be blank and the thumbnail that is set to your video will be used. So if you want to use something other than the thumbnail then you would add the image to this field. If you are OK with the thumbnail being used then leave this field blank.

As mentioned above, for social sharing we are only concerned with the Social Sharing menu items shown in the image above. For more information regarding this entire panel of features, please check this article on all of the Social Sharing & SEO Metadata settings.

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