Uploaded video to Spotlightr will be converted at the original resolution. It will also create multiple lower resolutions for better optimization and faster streaming for anyone with slower internet speeds. The original uploaded file will be deleted after the conversion process, leaving only the converted versions.

If encryption is selected during upload ("Secure My Video"), your video will be protected and converted in .m3u8 format. Without encryption, your video will be in .mp4 format.

"*Note** Additional version for lower resolutions will not be made for PRO or FREE license. The quality served to viewers will be the same as the original uploaded file.

Conversion process

The conversion process is running in the background and it takes some time for all available resolutions to appear.  On average the time it will take to finish the process will be about 60% of the video's length. So a 3 minute video will take around 1 minute 40 seconds to complete the process. Please note that during this conversion process you are able to edit your videos and do not have to wait until it's done to start that process.


The default resolution for watching the video is selected by each device automatically, according to the available internet bandwidth. Someone with low internet speed will watch the video in a lower resolution.

Resolutions which we are currently supporting are:

  • 360p 
  • 720p
  • 1080p
  • 4K


Q: How can I enable the resolution switch button? Why I can't change the resolution on my Watch Page?

  • The small icon for the resolution change will be added automatically. For example, when you upload a 1080p video, you will be able to select from 3 different resolutions while watching. If you upload a video in 360p we won't create any resolutions lower than that, so no icon will show as there is no other resolution to choose from..
  • If you are using the FREE or PRO license, you videos will NOT be converted to lower additional resolutions. The quality and resolution of your video will remain as the original that was uploaded.


Q: I just uploaded a video and...

     ...I don't have the button to choose the resolution?
     ...It does not appear in My Files?
     ...my used storage space is still 0%?

  • Your video is uploaded, however, it still needs to be optimized and converted and that process may take some time, depending on the size of your video. Please be patient. The conversion process takes about 60% of the time of the length of the video. So a 3 minute video will take around 1 minute 40 seconds to finish. A 10 minute video will take around 6 minutes to finish, etc.

    All resolutions will be available and your video will appear in "My Files" soon.


Q: Can we delete the original file after it's been converted & encoded?

  • You don't need to, the original file is deleted after conversion automatically.


Q: Can I delete any of the lower resolution files?

  • Yes you can


Q: Why do I have pixelated background for uploaded videos? Why are my videos blurry?

  • For the video which is uploaded to Spotlightr directly, we are keeping the source in its original resolution and we are making copies in lower resolutions. Since the streaming performance is completely depending on the network bandwidth, Spotlightr automatically detects your internet speed and according to it, displays the video in the appropriate resolution.

    Spotlightr is always going for the higher resolution first and if it detects that you are on low bandwidth it lowers the resolution. However that process is not 100% perfect, and it could be serving a video in a resolution lower than it should.

    So if someone is experiencing this issue, try to manually change the resolution to the highest one and see if that fixes the issue.


Q: What is the quality of linked videos?

  • The quality of the linked videos is "as is", and that means that we are streaming the best available resolution from the source, be it Vimeo or Dropbox or Google Drive.

    These videos are not converted or altered at all by Spotlightr, so the resolution change icon is not available for videos from external sources (added as links).


Q: Why I can't change the resolution for my videos migrated from Wistia? 

  • Any videos migrated from Wistia are imported in in the original (highest) resolution, so the quality is "as is", and there is no option to change the resolution while watching.
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