Conversion process

When you upload a video to the Spotlightr platform, as soon as the upload is complete the conversion and transcoding process starts to run in the background.

Uploaded videos to Spotlightr will be transcoded and added to your account with it's original resolution intact. We will also create other versions of your video with multiple lower resolutions for better optimization and faster streaming for anyone with slower internet speeds. And the original uploaded file is kept in your account as well for storage purposes.

If encryption is selected during upload ("Secure My Video"), your video will be encrypted and converted in .m3u8 format. Without encryption, your video will be in .mp4 format.

The average time it will take to finish the process will be about 60% of the video's length. So a 3 minute video will take around 1 minute 40 seconds to complete the process. Please note that during this process you are able to edit your videos and do not have to wait until it's done to start that process. You should see an indicator of this while editing your video:

As mentioned above, you do not have to wait until this is done to edit and publish your embed code or share the Watch Page. Just be aware that the video may have performance issues until that process is done.


We will automatically serve the highest resolution possible. And with the gear icon in the player settings, viewers with lower internet speeds can switch resolutions and watch the video in a lower resolution.

Please be aware that this gear icon with additional resolutions will not appear in your live videos until the optimization and transcoding process described above has finished. Once done, the icon will appear.

Resolutions currently supporting are:

  • 360p 

  • 720p

  • 1080p

  • 4K


Q: I just uploaded a video and...

     ...I don't have the button to choose the resolution?
     ...It does not appear in My Files? used storage space is still 0%?

  • Your video is uploaded, however, it still needs to be optimized and converted and that process may take some time, depending on the size of your video. Please be patient. The conversion process takes about 60% of the time of the length of the video. So a 3 minute video will take around 1 minute 40 seconds to finish. A 10 minute video will take around 6 minutes to finish, etc.

    All resolutions will be available and your video will appear in "My Files" soon.

    Also please note if you uploaded a video in 360 resolution, then the gear icon will not appear as there are no other resolutions that are made.

    Also, if the video is linked to Spotlightr, and not uploaded, you will not see a gear icon for resolutions. We do not create multiple resolutions for linked videos.


Q: Can we delete the original file after it's been converted & encoded?

  • Yes, by navigating to Account Settings >> My Files. There you will see the list of uploaded videos in it's original format.

    If you delete this file, the Spotlightr video(s) created from it will not be affected and will continue to play. Those are completely separate from this original video file that was uploaded.


Q: Can I delete any of the lower resolution files?

  • Not at this time. You would need to completely delete the Spotlightr video along with all of the other resolutions.


Q: Why do I have pixelated background for uploaded videos? Why are my videos blurry?

  • First check to make sure the video is being served in a high resolution

  • If that is not the problem, check your original video file just to make sure there are not issues with that. Ensure that there are none of the same issues in the same spots of the video

  • If that's still not the problem, you may want to follow these directions to optimize the video.


Q: What is the quality of linked videos?

  • The quality of the linked videos is "as is", and that means that we are streaming the best available resolution from the source, be it Vimeo or Dropbox or Google Drive.

    These videos are not converted or altered at all by Spotlightr, so the resolution change icon is not available for videos from external sources (added as links).


Q: Why I can't change the resolution for my videos migrated from Wistia? 

  • Any videos migrated from Wistia are imported in in the original (highest) resolution, so the quality is "as is", and there is no option to change the resolution while watching. You would need to reupload the video for multiple resolutions to be created.

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