There might be a circumstance where you need to locate and use the source URL of the file located on our cloud. Some customers need the actual location of the video inside of our infrastructure to add the URL to their third-party platform.

There are 2 ways to retrieve the link.

The first way is inside an individual video. Navigate to the Settings tab then Manage Video Source:

Here you'll see 2 links.

The processed video is the video that was encoded and processed by Spotlightr. If you are encrypting your videos this will be an .m3u8 file type.

The original file upload is your original video file which has not been processed at all by Spotlightr.

You can also retrieve your Original File Upload link from the list of videos in your Project.

Here we are in the Course 2 project. Click on the 3 dot menu for the Surfing Lessons video:

Then click on the copy icon to copy the Original File location URL:

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