There might be a circumstance where you need to locate and use the source of the file located on our cloud. Some customers need the actual location of the video inside of our infrastructure to add the URL to their third-party platform.

To retrieve the link to the video on our cloud, navigate to Video Settings >> Replace Source URL:

And then here is the link:

Keep in mind that this link is to the video after we processed it. So if you enabled encryption when you uploaded the video, then the video will end in .m3u8 and the only way to play this video is via the Spotlightr player.

If you need this video link to be an .mp4, then you can retrieve the file location by going to the My Videos Dashboard and clicking on the 3 dot menu next to your video:

And then click to copy the original .mp4 file location here:

Just keep in mind that this is your ORIGINAL video that you uploaded without going through our processing.

If you want to use a video that went through our processing/encoding, then you will need to re-upload the video and do not encrypt it. If you don't encrypt it, then it will stay as an .mp4.

Then you will be able to retrieve it as .mp4 via the process described above, inside of Video Settings >> Replace Source URL.

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