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How To Get The Source Link of My Uploaded Video File
How To Get The Source Link of My Uploaded Video File

Grab the URL of your video

Updated over a week ago

There might be a circumstance where you need to locate and use the actual source URL of the file located on our cloud, typically in .mp4 format. Some customers need the actual location of the video inside of our infrastructure to add the URL to their third-party platform.

Navigate to the Settings tab then Manage Video Source:

If you uploaded your video with the encryption set to ON (which is the default setting) then you'll see 2 links here like this:

The one labeled "Processed Video Source" is the video that was encoded and processed by Spotlightr. If you are encrypting your videos this will be an .m3u8 file type.

The one labeled "Original File Upload" is your original video file which has not been processed at all by Spotlightr. If you uploaded an .mp4 video then this will be obviously be an .mp4.

If you want an .mp4 video that we actually process and transcode, then you can upload the video again and turn encryption off. You will again see two links, but in this case both will be .mp4.

Encryption can be turned off by clicking on this to display you upload options when you are uploading a video:

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