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We offer a variety of statistics and analytical data for your every video you add to Spotlightr

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Every video you either link or upload to Spotlightr will gather data for every load and play it receives. We organize that data into an overview, graph, and individual video heat maps for every single load and play.

You can access this by clicking edit on any individual video and then clicking the Analytics tab:

Date Filter

When your analytics first loads it will show all lifetime loads of the video without any date set. If you want to show lifetime data here then you can leave the date fields as they are. If you want data by data you can either fill the fields or use the 3-dot menu to choose a preset:

Overviews & Trends

Views By Date - An overview of play by date. In this case it's the lifetime of the video:

View Locations - Map of where your plays are coming from during the dates set in your date filter:

Device Trends - What type of device is generated your plays during the dates set in your date filter:

Metrics Summary

The summary bar displays overall data for all loads of your video during the period set in your date filter.  This can be used for high-level data review and comparison.

If I change the date filter to last 7 days you can see the metrics change and now reflect last 7 days only:

Here's a quick summary of each metric:

Plays/Loads - A Play is recorded every time a visitor or known contact clicks the play button. It will record a Play if 0.1% of the video is watched. A Load is recorded every time a video loads on a page, whether it was played or not.

Example: Visitor hits your video page on Monday but doesn't click play. Then on Tuesday visits again and doesn't click play. Then on Wednesday visits again and this time clicks the play button. This counts as 3 Loads and 1 Play.

Play Rate - This is Plays divided by Total Loads.

Example: If there are 20 total loads, and of those loads the play button was clicked 5 times, then the Play Rate is 25%.

Average Watched - This is the total percentage of the video's length that was watched across all Plays.

Example: If your video is 60 seconds long and the Average Watched is 25%, that means that across all Plays the average amount of video that was watched was 15 seconds (25% of 60 seconds).

Completion Rate - The percentage that a video was watched to its completion across all Plays.

Example: If there are 10 video Plays, and 5 of them watch the video until it ends then the Completion Rate is 50%.

Engagement Graph

The engagement line graph gives you a nice overview of how your audience as a whole has viewed your content.

You'll see a line graph that runs through the video. There is a timeline at the bottom that designates the time of the video.

For example, let's take a look here:

As you can see from the image above, when you load analytics it will show you the engagement at the beginning of the video which is 100%

In the following image I clicked on the line graph where the arrow is pointing. This is showing that at the 6 seconds mark we had 58% engagement. This means that across all Plays, 58% watched this segment:

As I click further along the line graph towards the end, you can see that 83% of your plays watched this segment. By looking at the trend of the overall graph, you can see that a large portion of the plays watched the beginning and then skipped ahead to see the end:

The blue section of the engagement graph shows the engagement of viewers who clicked play on the video. 

The orange section on top shows the number of times that section of the video was re-watched.

Move your cursor over the graph (from left to right) to see the specific information and frame in the video, and click the graph to play the video from that point. 

All of this information can help you optimize your video and guide you in making videos to better engage your audience in the future.

Video Heatmaps

At the bottom of the page shows each individual Play Heatmaps. It can also be called a viewing session. This is because someone can click play, watch the video and skip around and re-watch certain parts, etc and it will still count as only one Play.

Heatmaps are a powerful tool for understanding how certain users watch your videos.

Put another way...a video heatmap is a graphical representation of a single viewing session of your video. Each public viewer of a Spotlightr video is assigned a heatmap, which shows the specific interaction they had with the video.

This also displays information about the viewer. You can see their country of origin and if you hover over that you will see their IP address if we were able to retrieve it. In most cases we can retrieve both country and IP, however occasionally we are not able to retrieve one or both.

You can see exactly how each Play engaged with the video. At the top we have someone who watched 32 seconds of the 33 second video. And the next Play someone watched the first part and then skipped to the end.

Heatmap Colors

The colors for our heatmaps are as follows:

Green - Segment watched once during this viewing session

Yellow - Two

Orange - Three

Red - Four

Dark Red - Five or more

Here is another example heatmap of a viewing session...

During this session the video was watched almost till the end, then scrolled to the beginning and watched a bit less, then scrolled to the beginning and watched a bit less, etc.

And then in the dark red you can see where each view was watched until. Those lines represent stop marks.

The yellow section is the segment watched twice

The orange section is the segment that was watched three times, etc.

Identifying and Searching For Known Contacts

You'll also notice in the image above that we see an email address. If your viewer is a student, lead or customer that is a known contact, that is, we are able to gather their information...then we can track their statistics on every video watched across all Spotlightr videos.

For more information on identifying known contacts please check this article.

For all view sessions for known contacts you can run additional reports via our Audience Reports module. This module allows you to run reports on individual known contacts across all videos they watched with downloadable reports, and more.

Resetting Analytics

You have the option to reset your stats whenever you like.  If you're building a site with video, or just testing things out, you've probably loaded (and played) your videos a few times. This means your stats might be a bit skewed. Reset them here:

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