Audience Reports

Powerful module to review your students, leads and customers

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An overview of all your known contacts can be found when you visit Audience Reports from the left menu.

Overview & How It Works

This module allows you to run reports based on your audience, leads, students, etc. Anyone who you have identified as a known viewer will be shown here.

This is an important distinction to understand...

If your video has 500 views but only 10 of those views were from known contacts then only those 10 views will be shown here. The main use for this module is to understand what your students, leads, or customers are watching, how much they are watching, and when they are watching. But those leads must be known (typically identified by their email address).

For example, if you have a student Tim Pool (with email who logs into your course to watch your videos then you will be able to run a report on Tim here to see what he has watched exactly.

However, if you have a homepage video that unknown visitors watch then those views do not show up here in Audience Reports. Those views can be seen by accessing the individual video analytics for that video.

Filter By Date

When you first log into this module you will see your Filters on the left and your Audience on the right. The audience you see on the left will be based on the filters set.

In this example, we open the module and the filters is set to show views within the last week only. No other filters are set. Here are the known contacts that have watched videos over that time (email addresses hidden for privacy):

You can click the 3-dot menu to see some date filter options.

Or you can just edit the date fields directly as well.

Filter By Individual Student, Lead, or Customer

If you have the email/custom ID of a students, lead or customer then you can search directly for them. Here we'll search for one:

We can see this student had 2 views in the last 7 days with a total time watched of 1:22 and their last activity was 3 days ago. We can also click on the eye icon:

And that will bring up The Viewer Report on this student with specifics on their video viewing.

Filter By Video Or Project

Next we can filter by individual video or via an entire Project. Here we'll choose an entire Project:

Save & Export Reports

The report you ran can be exported to Google Docs by clicking the Export button:

And if this is a report you will need a lot, you can save the report and the filters you used by clicking on Save Report:

Finally, you can pull up your saved reports by clicking on this icon:

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