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Google Analytics 4 (GA4) GTM tags
Google Analytics 4 (GA4) GTM tags

If you embed videos on your platforms and would like to collect relevant events from the Spotlightr player in the Google Tag Manager.

Updated over a week ago

If you want to collect tags in GTM all you need to do is enable advanced embed code when publishing your videos. This will include the spotlightr.js SDK in your embed which will communicate with your GTM instance.

By default, we are firing the following events:

  • spotlightr-video-loaded

  • spotlightr-video-played

  • spotlightr-video-paused

  • spotlightr-video-ended

  • spotlightr-video-email-captured

  • spotlightr-video-25%

  • spotlightr-video-50%

  • spotlightr-video-75%

  • spotlightr-video-event-click

  • spotlightr-video-event-skip

If you require additional events, just let us know.

Setting up GTM tags

First thing you will need to do is create the triggers for tags.

You will create a New Trigger, using "Custom Event" and for the Event Name you are welcome to either use any of the event names above if you want to create specific tags for each event, or alternatively you can check "Use regex" to match all events as they all start with spotlightr-video


Once the trigger has been saved, you can use it in the new Tag you will create for GA4.

Match the event name to {{Event}} value (or other properties available from the dropdown).

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