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Folders & Subfolders

How to manage videos with folders and sub-folders

Updated over a week ago

Spotlightr customers can now benefit from folders and sub-folders inside their projects to organize their video content.

Once a folder or subfolder is created, you will see it listed inside of your project. There you can click on it to open it and display the videos inside:

Manage Folders From The Projects Page

You can create new folders or manipulate existing folders in a project conveniently from the projects page where all of your projects are listed

Click on this folder icon.

To create a new folder, click Create New Folder.

Enter the folder name and be sure to click the orange checkmark to save it.​

Now that a folder is created, you can add videos to it. Click the + icon and that will take you to the upload page.​

You can also create a sub-folder underneath an existing folder by clicking the existing folder and then choosing "Create New Subfolder".

Enter the Sub-Folder name and click the orange checkmark to save. ​

Manage Folders While Uploading a New Video

While you're uploading videos you can also create new folder or choose existing folders to add your videos to.

Before you start the upload process, click on the Settings icon:

Click on Select Folder and then Create new folder:

Enter the folder name and be sure to click the orange check mark to save:​

At this point you can start the upload to your newly created folder or you could create a subfolder as well:​

Moving Video(s) to Existing or New Folders

Select the video(s) that you want to move and click Move:

If moving to a folder in the same project, simply click on the Select folder field and either select your existing folder or create a new one:

If moving to a folder in a different project, click on Select Project first to choose the desired project. Then click on Select folder: ​

Once the appropriate project and folder is selected, click Move:

Note: Empty folders are hidden by default inside of a project but they still show in the folder list and are available to upload videos to.

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