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Creating Your First Video
Creating Your First Video

Adding your first video, getting familiar with the interface, and publishing it.

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Thanks for choosing Spotlightr!  Let's start publishing videos.

In the article below we will show you how to add a video to Spotlightr. We'll review the basics on how to add a video quickly and publish it with the default settings.

Once you familiar with these basics you can expand on your customizations.

Don't worry, you won't have to upload anything twice or change embed codes once you publish a video and make changes! Any changes you make to your video in Spotlightr are automatically applied to wherever it's published.

First we quickly review uploading a video. Then we'll review linking from another source.

Uploading a video

When adding videos to your Spotlightr account you must add them to a Project. If you are just getting started with Spotlightr then your dashboard will be empty.

Just click on New Project at the top to get started.

Simply name your project and click Create:

Since this is a new project you'll be taken automatically to the page to upload your videos:

You can either browse your computer for your video file(s) or drag and drop them from a folder.

We'll go ahead and add 3 videos:

Then click inside each of the fields and rename the videos and then click on the Start Upload button:

Once they are all done click on the Enter icon here to go to your first video upload:

This will be your editing page where you customize your player and settings. You'll notice a badge at the top. This is your theme . Because this is your first video and you have not created a theme yet, you are using Spotlightr default settings.

If you click that badge you are offered an option to create your new theme. We'll skip for that right now. For more info on theme check this article:

So let's skip the theme for now and just use default settings.

Click on the Publish button:

And you'll see your embed code and watch page URL. You can use this embed code wherever HTML is accepted to publish your video:

For more details on Uploading a Video and options available please click here.

Linking a video

Second option lets you use a direct link of your choice. For more details on this feature as well as a list of supported platforms please check our Hybrid Hosting feature article.

Click on the Link tab and then paste your link(s) in the field and hit enter to add them. Once you have your links added click on Import. Here we have added 2 links from Youtube:

Once they are added, you can click the fields to rename the videos and then click in Import:

Then click the Enter icon here to go to the video editing page:

On this page you can have all of your video settings. Let's just take all of the defaults and click on Publish:

And just like an uploaded video, you'll see your embed code and watch page URL. You can use this embed code wherever HTML is accepted to publish your video:

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