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In the article below we will show you how to create your first video.  

Video Walk-Thru

If you would like to see a video of this here is a brief video walk-thru. Otherwise please see below for the same information

Assuming that you are already logged-in, on the right side of your screen you will see the NEW VIDEO button.

Create New Video

You will have 2 options to create your video. Those options are either to upload to Spotlightr or to link to us via a URL:

Upload or Link from Vimeo or Youtube

Uploading a video

To upload simply click on UPLOAD FILE and choose whether to upload to your own storage or upload to Spotlightr.

Uploading a video to Spotlightr Cloud

To use your own storage you will need to integrate Spotlightr with your Amazon S3 account. You can find complete instructions for setting up and integrating your Amazon S3 account here.

To upload to the Spotlightr cloud, simply click on the UPLOAD TO SPOTLIGHTR button and then choose your file from your machine.

Also please note that here you can also choose whether to encrypt your video. If you want to encrypt your video, make sure the option to "Secure My Video" is checked:

HLS Video Encryption Protects Your Videos

Any file uploaded and encrypted will be converted into a .m3u8 video file. This file will only be able to be played using our player.

If you uncheck that option, any file uploaded will be converted into an .mp4 file (if not already an .mp4). To find out what kind of files you can upload check this article.

Once your video has uploaded it will appear at the top and also there will be an indication that your video has finished uploading:

Video Uploads and Validates

You may also see the message "We are processing your video..." which means we are now optimizing and encoding your video. You do not need to wait for this process to finish.

At this point you can Group the Video or Apply Settings from another video.

You can then name your video and click "Save & Continue" to proceed to the video editing page.

Name Video and Continue to Video Editor

Linking a video

Second option lets you use a direct link of your choice. For more details on this feature as well as a list of supported platforms please check our Hybrid Hosting feature article.

Paste your link in the field and click the VALIDATE button, if you have a working link it should be validated within a few seconds. If it takes longer than 5 or 10 seconds maximum then there might be an issue with your link. In that case please contact support.

Host from Dropbox or Google Drive

After the video validates, you will see it at the top. You can then proceed to Name your video, Group the video or Apply settings from another video.

Once that is all done click on Save & Continue:

Edit Your Linked Video

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