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Amazon S3 Account Creation & Integration
Amazon S3 Account Creation & Integration

How to create an AWS account, how to create an IAM user and then how to integrate the user account with Spotlightr

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How To Create an IAM user & Integrate To Spotlightr

The Amazon Simple Storage Service is a web service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). We support Amazon S3 as a hosting provider for your videos which can be a cost-effective solution for those with very large amounts of videos.

In this article we'll review how to create an AWS account if you don't already have one. Then we'll show you how to create an IAM user account, which is the account that will connect to Spotlightr. And then finally we'll review how to integrate that newly created IAM account to Spotlightr.

Once that is all done, you will be able to upload your videos to your S3 account directly through Spotlightr and we will serve your videos from there.

If you don't yet have an AWS account for S3, first go to the AWS website and create a new account.

Go through that account creation process and this will give you a root access account for AWS. Included in that account is access to S3 storage.

Now that you have an account, the first thing we need to do is set up an IAM (Identity and Access Manager) user. This will be the user account that is connected to your Spotlightr account.

Creating Your IAM User

First go to the IAM Dashboard and log in with your root username and password.

From your IAM dashboard click on Users:

Then Add users:

Enter any user name that you'd like, check off Access key - Programmatic access and then click on Next:

Click on Attach existing policies directly and then check off AdministratorAccess:

Then scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and under Set permissions boundary make sure Create user without a permission boundary is ticked off. Then click on Next:

Nothing needed on this step. Just click Next:

Click on Create user:

Now it will show as successfully created. Stay on this page as you will need your Access key ID and Secret access key for the Spotlightr integration:

Add S3 Integration to Spotlightr

Inside of your Spotlightr account, click on App Settings then the Integrations tab:

Click on the Add Integration button and then select Custom S3:

Fill out the fields:

  • Amazon Region - This should be the region nearest your target audience

  • Integration Title - This can be anything. In this example "Spotlightr-AWS"

  • API Key - This you will copy from your S3 account

  • Secret Key - This you will copy from your S3 account

  • URL/Endpoint - This should be populated by itself

Remember, you left the IAM user key and secret key open. You use that in this step:

Important Notes & FAQs

  • Does the IAM user absolutely need full permissions?

    Yes, the IAM user needs to have admin full permission in order to integrate correctly with Spotlightr

  • Do I create a new bucket or does Spotlightr create a bucket that is used? Can I create folders inside the bucket to organize?

    The bucket is created by Spotlightr and it can not be changed. It will result in a bucket called vooplayerv4-{#USERID}. You cannot create folders inside of this bucket to organize your videos. All videos will be put inside this bucket.

  • Can I change regions in the integration settings?

    No, please do not edit your region inside of your Spotlightr integration settings. You may not have different region integrations settings on one Spotlightr account

  • Should the bucket created have full public access?

    Yes, please do not block any public access. It must have full public access in order for the videos to play with Spotlightr. Your access should look like the following where nothing is blocked:

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