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Student & Viewer Profile
Student & Viewer Profile

The Student & Viewer Profile serves as a overview that collects and organizes all the viewing data pertaining to a specific viewer.

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What Is It

With Spotlightr you can track your student and audience views across all Spotlightr videos. As long as the person watching the video can be identified in some way, then we track all of their activity.

Each viewer has a view profile which collects all of their data in one place for you to review as well as run reports.

All audience profiles can be accessed from many different locations. Whether you're exploring Audience Reports, delving into individual Video Insights, examining Gallery Analytics, or reviewing Quiz Responses, the Viewer Button allows you to conveniently click and access the viewer's profile whenever they are identified.

Each Viewer Button will highlight as seen here in your Audience Reports when you hover over it.

Or in another example, seen here in your individual video analytics:

Note: As you can see from the screenshots above, we do collect a profile for anonymous views as well.

Once you click on a viewer button it will open up the viewer profile for that viewer:

The profile offers different ways to see the data and gives you tools to filter and sort that data. The main views are Overview, Activity and Combined Records.

You can filter all the data in all views using the Project and Date range filters in top right.

Overview Tab

Focusing on providing a summary of the particular viewer's data across your content library, this is a great way to get a quick snapshot of everything the viewer has interacted with.

The line chart at the top shows the minutes watched every day. You can set up the chart to "Show All" or just last 2 weeks.

Videos watched by project bar chart shows how many videos from the project the viewer has started watching, completed, or has not started watching yet.

Project total time watched indicates percent of time spent watching against complete duration of videos in that project. So if for example, you have a project with 10 videos, 1 hour each, and the viewer has watched 2 hours (combined from any video), total time watched will be 20%.

Activity Tab

Outlining all engagement interactions in a chronological timeline, including views, where they originated from, interactions like clicks, comments, reactions etc. this view provides a great way to see what a particular viewer has been up to recently and check if they need any help moving along.

Combined Records Tab

Taking the multiple different view records of one video by the same viewer and combining them into a unified record. So for example if your student watches the same lesson in parts, 5 different times, here you will be able to see all those 5 records displayed as one heatmap as oppose to being able to see individual viewing sessions in the Activity Tab or individual Video Insights.

For more info on what the heatmaps mean please see our article on analytics.

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