Anonymous Viewers

Generic name viewer profiles are created once a viewer becomes established in order to track the activity more effectively.

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Anonymous Viewers

Once a particular viewer (identified via IP or cookie) has collected 2 views and one of those views is watched for 1% of it's duration or more, we acknowledge that viewer as someone who has a relationship to your content.

If you haven't identified that viewer at this point we will start tracking them as a generic pseudonym (Red Cow, Blue Car, etc.)

Identifying viewers with actual emails / ids

There are many ways to turn those anonymous viewers into known contacts. Check these multiple methods available with which allow you you to identify a known viewer using their ID or email.

Once identified by ID/email, their viewer profile will include any data collected while they were anonymous.

Disable Tracking

If you would prefer not to collect this data, you are welcome to disable this option from your Account > Global Settings > Disable anonymous viewer tracking

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