Some platforms prohibit using the custom codes or simply don't have methods by which you can enter in simple HTML or Scripts to the pages which are on their platform. 

Usually for media elements such as video, they provide a "Embed via URL" function of some sort. This is the oEmbed protocol which feeds back the needed content for the player to appear on the page.

Whitelisting oEmbed Providers

Each platform has it's own "whitelist" of providers they allow embedding from. This is also done in the name of security and protecting the quality of the content on their platforms.

Sometimes a platform will allow you to white-list a provider on your own, or at least request a provider to be whitelisted. So if Spotlightr is not supported on the platform of your choosing, following is the information you will need to know.

Spotlightr is a supported provider on which is the largest third party platform connecting media providers and content publishing platforms. This covers almost all major names in online content publishing.

Your regular share link is all you should need. If you google oEmbed tester you can use any of the search results found and simply provide them with your regular Share link and you will get the results needed to generate an embedded player.

WordPress white-listing 

For Spotlightr to work with the WordPress embed video by URL function you will need to whitelist Spotlightr as a provider, and you can do so by the following function

As for example, if your Spotlightr subdomain was acmeinc

// Register oEmbed providers
    function custom_oembed_provider() {
    wp_oembed_add_provider( '*', '', false );
    add_action( 'init', 'custom_oembed_provider' );

Should you experience difficulties with this, our support team is always here to help.

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