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Custom Tracking Codes & Tags
Custom Tracking Codes & Tags

Run custom scripts and codes for tracking or any other purpose as well as tag your contacts in your CRM based on a video view

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You can use custom tracking codes to run any script or plugin that you would normally run on your website. You can also tag your contacts based on a video view and send that tag to your CRM.

Custom Tracking Codes

You can use them to trigger Facebook pixels or show chat widgets or popups in your video. You can use them for almost anything.

Custom codes can be configured to run at a specific time or at the very start of the video.
This setting is within individual video setting options and also in Themes.

To configure a custom code in an individual video simply go to edit mode of a desired video and navigate to Settings >> Tracking Codes & Tags

Then click on Add Custom Code:

Add any Code Name that you'd like.

Paste in your code and set when you want the code to trigger

Then click on the Add Code button.

Once it's added you see it listed underneath the button. Click Save to save your changes:


It is now easy to tag a contact in your CRM when they complete an action in Spotlightr, like watching a specific video or a certain percentage of a video.

Currently supported CRM integrations are

  • Hubspot

  • ActiveCampaign

  • Intercom

Integrate Your CRM

The first step is to integrate your CRM with Spotlightr. You can find out how to do that from this collection of help articles.

Add Tag To The Video You Want To Track

After connecting your CRM integration you just need to add a new tag in the video player settings. Navigate to Settings >> Tracking Codes & Tags:

Then click on Add Integration Tag:

Choose your CRM integration that you already set up. In this example we are choosing our Hubspot integration.

Then specify a tag name and a time at which it should be added.

(*NOTE* In case of HubSpot you are specifying a new or existing custom property.)

Identify the Viewer So Tag Can Be Passed to CRM

Lastly you will need to identify the contact which is to be updated by providing a parameter to the video watch page or the page on which the video is embedded on.

For example, this can be done by appending the following at the end of the URL where they are watching the video:


So, if you are sending traffic to a Watch Page with this URL:,

When you append the email address it would be:

For more information on this and other ways to identify a known contact as well, please see this article.

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