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HubSpot Integration
HubSpot Integration

Connect your HubSpot CRM or Marketing Hub to Spotlightr in order to generate leads, personalize video content and track events in your CRM.

Updated over a week ago

HubSpot, one of the largest CRM platforms on the market is now fully supported in Spotlightr. Using this powerful integration you can now...

  1. Send leads captured in Spotlightr to HubSpot

  2. Use CRM data from HubSpot to Personalize Spotlightr Videos

  3. Track viewing event data in HubSpot

Connecting Your HubSpot App

Navigate to your Application Settings >> Integrations and click on Add Integration:

Click on Get Token, and a pop-up will appear to login to your Hubspot account.

Next you'll be presented with your account(s). Select the account and click on Choose Account:

Then click on Connect app:

That pop-up will disappear and you will now see your HubSpot key back in Spotlightr. Don't forget to set a Title for your integration and then click on Create:

That's done. Now you will see your new integration listed.

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