HubSpot, one of the largest CRM platforms on the market is now fully supported in Spotlightr. Using this powerful integration you can now

  1. Send leads captured in Spotlightr to HubSpot

  2. Use CRM data from HubSpot to Personalize Spotlightr Videos

  3. Track viewing events data in HubSpot

Please see our short tutorial video here.

Connecting Your HubSpot App

Simply head over to Integrations & APIs from where you can now select HubSpot, which will open a new window asking you to authenticate.

After successful integration you will be given an token to enter back into Spotlightr.

Last step is to enable Spotlightr events on your contacts timelines by confirming it in the timeline filter options.

This will start including personalized data and viewing events.

Resulting in something like the following.

We are looking forward to your further feedback on this integration.

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