With Spotlightr, you have the freedom of hosting your videos wherever you want!

If it is more cost-effective for you, you can use your own storage space and Link a Video in Spotlightr. In that way, you will use Hybrid Hosting for Spotlightr, just paste a link from e.g. YouTube or use the Mass Import feature to add multiple videos as links, simultaneously. 

Supported Sources are:

  • YouTube (Public/unlisted) - NOTE: Private videos will not work
  • Vimeo (Public/hidden links) - NOTE: Private videos won't work and HD videos  will only work with Vimeo PRO
  • Amazon S3 - Learn more (Ensure you encode your video in .mp4 h264 for fast streaming)
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • pCloud (must be set to Public)
  • CloudApp
  • DropBox (must be MP4 format and no spaces or special characters in filenames)
  • Google Drive (Limited to up to 30 MB per video)
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Facebook
  • Publit.io
  • Anywhere where you can link to the source material directly and is publicly available.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of our player to implement additional components to track users' progress and collect emails, statistics, embed the video on your site and a lot more, in order to achieve your goals with better marketing. 

Hybrid Hosting benefits: 

  • Save some storage space in Spotlightr
  • Embed the video on your site
  • The player will have a more professional look
  • You will get rid of any ads e.g. YouTube
  • Apply all Spotlightr's features
  • The link of your source will be hidden, and it will look like this:

Limits of hosting videos externally: 

  • It is not possible to download linked videos, since it is not physically present in Spotlightr.
  • These videos cannot be encrypted (exceptions are videos uploaded to S3 from Spotlightr), however, you can secure them with the Password Protect or Pay-per-view Gate and restrict them to play only on desired domains
  • Bandwidth of source video provider will be used for streaming
  • Subtitles cannot be loaded if the videos are hosted externally
  • External 360 videos are not supported

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