The root cause of many issues with streaming performance is the incompatibility of the codecs used to compress your video files. You should use web optimized video sources and formats in order to ensure that your videos are working fine across multiple devices and browsers.

If you are having an issue with playback, please try the following:

  • We recommend re-uploading your video by using the two pass conversion option, which is a bit slower but produces much better results. Two-pass conversion is a helpful resource to leverage in specific situations with odd variable bit rate files and odd codecs.

    You may access two pass conversion by selecting the settings menu before you upload your video:
  • If that does not help, we advise you to convert your video to MP4 and optimize it for web streaming, before uploading to Spotlightr. This ensures that the size of your video will be reduced while still maintaining high quality for web streaming. After optimizing the streaming performance should be remarkably increased.

    Once that is done and you have a new video file, you can then just replace the source.  Replacing the source of your already created Spotlightr video will keep all of the settings you already configured.

    Also, if you change the video source of a particular video under its settings in Spotlightr, there is no need to embed it again to wherever you already have it online.

    Here is a quick look at where that setting is to replace the source:

  • The last option to try is to DISABLE RESOLUTION AUTO-SWITCH by following steps described in the related article. Some buffering issues occur when the video switches back and forth between resolutions while playing.  By disabling the resolution auto-switch you will force the highest available resolution which will remain static throughout playback. 

In any case, please feel free to send any problematic videos to our support team and we will optimize and upload it for you. You may upload the video to any cloud platform like Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc and send us a link to download it from there.

Our team is preparing a new major release to our player and platform, and streaming performance will be the main improvement. It is currently in BETA phase and you can learn more about it here. Kindly note that 4.2 embed code should not be used in production environments yet. You should use it for testing and submitting feedback only.

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