Animated GIFs are a great way to inject a little interest in your email broadcasts, drip campaigns, or newsletters. Marketers use it to improve the click-thru rate of their emails.

Click-thru rate simply means the amount of people that click on your image or link inside of your emails. If you sent 1000 emails and 100 of the receivers click on your link or image then your click-thru is 10% Obviously the higher this number, the better!

With these animated images, you can give a preview of an interesting part of your video, draw their attention, and entice a click on it.

Email preview images are available only for videos uploaded to Spotlightr and these are automatically created.

To generate a new GIF image, choose a start time during the video and a duration. We recommend no more than 6 seconds. In this example, we are choosing a 6 second portion of the video starting at the 3 second mark. Then click on the GENERATE EMAIL PREVIEW button.

You can download this image by simply right clicking on it and then Save Image as...

Or you can copy the location of the image on Spotlightr servers.

Now you you can add this .GIF to your email. You can use our Share Link as the destination when the image is clicked on, or you can enter a URL of your own.

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