Once you are done editing your video you can publish it in four different ways.

First click the "Publish" button here:

Publishing Videos


First and most popular option is to embed your video. To embed your video on your web page just copy the embed code and paste it to your page where it accepts HTML code.

Here you'll also find additional settings:

For information on all of the additional settings and what they means, please see this article on embedding your video.

Email Preview

Second option is Email Preview. This option allows you to generate a GIF image which you can use for your email campaigns, as well as videos that can play right inside of emails.

Simply add the GIF image to emails which will simulate as a video playing inside the video.

Video added to your emails will play right inside the email.

Your third option is your Watch Page with is a shareable link. A Watch Page is created for every video you add to Spotlightr. Here you'll be able to create a shareable link that you can post on Social Media sites or anywhere you please. 

Your fourth option is a pop-up window. You can use this method if you want your video to be opened in a popup/modal window.

Just copy the Popup Embed Code bellow and paste it on your page.

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