To understand your Watch Page better, think of it as a home for your videos. 

We create a Watch Page for every video you create in Spotlightr. This is a page you can quickly share with your audience without having to embed the video somewhere. You can completely control the look of each Watch Page you have for each video.

You can control the title of the page, add/remove title of the video, add/remove number of views, add/remove Facebook comments, and also customize the content underneath the video which is also HTML enabled.

You can customize the logo that appears in the top left corner of that page.

To set your options on the Watch Page for a desired video, go to Appearance & Style >> Watch Page Customization.

This header will be displayed on the Watch Page for all videos, by default:

If you configure your site in the "My Site" module (Polaris feature), the chosen site's color and your logo will be displayed as a header on the Watch Page.

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