To understand your Watch Page better, think of it as a home for each video you add to Spotlightr. 

This is a page you can quickly share with your audience without having to embed the video somewhere. It's also customizable so you can control certain parts of the page.

Here is what you can edit/change for each Watch Page individually:

  • Show or hide the header of the page

  • Show or hide the title of the video that appears just underneath the player

  • Show or hide the view count which shows just underneath the player

  • Add a headline for the page, or have no headline at all

  • Add content to appear underneath the video (HTML enabled)

  • Show or hide Facebook comments

You can also completely disable the page from working if privacy is important to you and you only want the embed code to work.

With our Themes you are now able to create a theme for your Watch Pages that will carry across every video you apply to the theme to. You can do a number of things by configuring a theme:

  • Change the logo that appear in the top left corner (by default it's the Spotlightr logo)

  • Configure headline font, size, and color to stay on-brand (the actual headline is still configured in the individual video watch page settings)

  • Watch Page header background color

  • Add custom code

To access your Watch Page options go to Appearance & Style >> Watch Page Customization:

And then to get your Watch Page link, you can do so from either the Additional option menu at the top at your Publish options:

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