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Password Protect Gate

Secure your video with password

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This feature allows you to lock your video with access only granted via password.

Here is a live example. Use the this password to unlock: adventure

Password protect video example

Configuring Password Protect

To configure this feature, simply edit an individual video and navigate to your Settings then click on Password Protect:

Lock Time

First you'll need to configure the time in the video you want to present the gate. Here we will choose :02 seconds:

Lock Content

Next, add content to your Lock Title, Description, and Button:

Lock Password

Then add the password used to access the video:

Lock Styling

The last step is to customize the styling, which is the colors of the header background, button background, text, etc. These are all located in your Theme's dialog colors. Colors are set here and are used throughout all of your dialogs that are set up across your entire account.

Check our article on player colors and styles for more information on set up.

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