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Zapier Integration
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How Does Zapier Work

Our integration is brand new and still under invite only until we get more live users to use it. Please use this link to access our integration:

Zapier allows you to connect apps together who otherwise don't have an integration with each other. So for example, with Zapier you can collect information using "App A" and then send that information to "App B" and do it automatically and without having to write any code to do it.

The Spotlightr integration with Zapier currently has 2 triggers:

  1. New Lead Captured

  2. Watch Notification

So if we take the 'New Lead Captured' trigger as an example, what that means is that you can capture a new lead using Spotlightr, and with Zapier you can send that lead information to any one of thousands of different apps that Zapier connects to.

For example you can send that lead information to:

  • CRMs

  • Email Service Providers

  • Slack

  • Google Sheets

Or any one of the thousands of apps that have an integration with Zapier. As you can see, Zapier is a great way to send your leads to your CRM or emails service provider if Spotlightr does not have a native integration with it.

Setting Up Zapier for New Lead Captured

Here we are going to show as a demonstration how to set up Zapier to send leads from your opt-in forms on your videos to Mailerlite. This is just one way to use Zapier.

First thing you need to do is login to Zapier or create a new account.

Once logged in, click on Create Zap:

Search for the App that will start the trigger. So we'll search and select Spotlightr.

Then you'll see you'll need to choose an Event. As mentioned in the beginning of this article, there are 2 event types: New Lead Capture and Watch Notification.

Here we'll choose New Lead Capture.

Then click Continue:

So now you've chosen the App and the Trigger that will start the Zap. Now we'll need to connect this to your Spotlightr account. Click Sign In here:

A window will pop-up asking for the API key. Log into your Spotlightr account and head to your App Settings menu, then Integrations tab. At the top you'll see a field for your API key. Copy that key:

Then paste that key into the field for Zapier and click Continue:

Now it will show your Spotlightr account is connected. Click Continue again:

Now you'll choose your Trigger. You can choose either an individual video or an entire project. If you choose an entire project, then the Zap will trigger whenever a lead is generated from any video in the entire project.

For this demo we'll choose an individual video. You can search here by video title. The video title for our video is Zapier Lead Gen and then click Continue.

Now we'll test the Trigger. Here we use sample data so all you need to do is click on Test trigger:

Once the test is complete it will say that a lead was found using our sample data. Click Continue:

Now you'll choose an Action. This is where you specific what you want to do with the lead information:

We are going to search for and choose the email service provider Mailerlite. Once we choose Mailerlite, it will ask to choose an Event:

We are going to choose Add Subscriber to a Group. Then click Continue:

Now we'll need to connect to our Mailerlite account. Click on Sign In:

Then you'll need to sign in to Mailerlite and choose your account. Or if you are already signed in with the browser, just select your account:

Then click on Authorize:

Now your account will show. Click Continue:

Search for the group you want the subscriber to be added. Here we are selecting the Campaign 1 group:

You'll be presented with a list of the data that is collected and that can be sent to this group. With this action the only field available is Email. So click the Email from the Spotlightr data.

Now you'll see Email in the field:

Now click Continue:

Lastly, we'll Text the Action. Click the Test action button:

You should see that it's a Success. Now all that's left is to Publish the Zap:

Add Form to Spotlightr Video

Once it's published, all that's left to do is add your opt-in form to the video titled Zapier Lead Gen.

To summarize, you'll need to:

  • Add the opt-in form to your video using one of our optin-form templates

  • When setting up the opt-in form, make sure you choose the Zapier integration

Once someone adds their email address to that form it will trigger the Zapier integration and that lead will be sent to Mailerlite.

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