The Overlays are completely reworked and they are now more user-friendly!

You can apply any of default  templates and customize it according to your preferences. New Overlays are available for all Spotlightr licenses.

Please see our short video tutorial here.

Conversion Oriented Templates

Within the initial release we are providing you with 14 templates. They are categorized and named in such a way as to easily find the one you need.

  • 2 Text Link Templates
  • 2 Image Link Templates
  • 2 Button CTA Templates
  • 2 Optin Templates
  • 2 Coupon Templates
  • 2 Annotation Templates
  • 2 Custom Code Templates
  • To create interactive overlays go to Marketing Tools, choose INTERACTIONS & CTAS and click on "Overlays & Annotations".
  • Now choose some template which suits your needs.

All templates are organized in categories and are also shown below, so you can quickly select the desired one (scroll-down to view all available). When you hover over a template, the tool-tip will show you it's name.

  • Customize the template to match your specific use-case, and that's it!

Creating an annotation in the corner of your video, configuring optin lock or just leaving a notification in the desired second of your video has never been easier.

The level of possible adjustments is impressive, sky is the limit, literally!
You can add animations, set opacity, add your logo or image, change colors of background, links, mouse on hover, add progress bar, etc.

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