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How to add videos to your Thinkific lessons

Updated over a week ago

Uploading video(s) hosted with Spotlightr into your Thinkific course is easy. You will use the video embed code to add your videos to your lessons.

1) Copy the embed code of your Spotlightr video.

2) Navigate to your lesson on Thinkific and click Add text:

3) Click the small icon for Code View:

4) This will show the contents of your page in HTML. If you already have content on the lesson, you will see it here as well in HTML format. In our example we have no content in the lesson, only the video, which is why the page is blank.

Paste the copied Spotlightr embed code where you want your video to appear on the page:​

5) Click the Code view button again to switch back to the regular view to see the preview of your video.​

That's all there is to it! If you have any further questions or issues please contact support.

To read more about Thinkific and how it works with Spotlightr, including a demo Thinkific site with Spotlightr videos, please check our article on Thinkific on our blog.

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