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Spotlightr on Thinkific

How to add videos to your Thinkific lessons

Updated over a week ago

This article reviews step by step instructions on adding Spotlightr videos to Thinkific lessons. To read more about Thinkific and how it works with Spotlightr, including a demo Thinkific site with Spotlightr videos, please check our article on Thinkific on our blog.

Add Videos to TEXT Lesson

Inside of your course, click to add your TEXT lesson inside of your Thinkific course:

Inside the lesson will be your WYSIWYG editor. Click on the 'Code View' button here:

This will change the look of the window into a code editor where you are now editing the page in HTML. Add your Spotlightr embed code here:

Once you click the 'Code View' button again you will be back to regular view and your video will now appear:

If there is content you want to add before the video at this point, you can simple click on 'Code View' again and enter some content:

Click the button again to go back to regular view:

You can edit the WYSIWYG editor to add any other content you'd like. Here is a view of how a sample lesson looks to a student:

Add Videos To MULTIMEDIA Lesson

A multimedia lesson is another way to add video lessons. It will display your multimedia content only, in this case your video, as well as any uploaded documents that you want students to download.

Inside of your course, click to add your MULTIMEDIA lesson inside of your Thinkific course:

Your lesson will look like this to students:

Tracking All Student Viewing Activity

With Spotlightr you can track all student video viewing activity across all of your courses and lessons. To do this, simply add some code into the Site footer code section of your Thinkific account.

In Thinkific click on Settings >> Code & analytics. In the Site footer code area paste in your code:

Here is the code you will paste in:

<script> let previousURL = 0; const checkInterval = setInterval(() => { const currentURL = window.location.href; console.log('currentURL', currentURL); if (previousURL !== currentURL) { previousURL = currentURL; console.log('previousURL', previousURL); setTimeout(() => { console.log('', previousURL); let iframe = document.querySelector('iframe.course-player__multimedia'); if(iframe){ iframe.src += (iframe.src.includes('?') ? '&' : '?') + 'contact=' + encodeURIComponent(; } let textIframe = document.querySelector('iframe.spotlightr'); if(textIframe){ console.log('previousURL.textIframe', textIframe); textIframe.src += (textIframe.src.includes('?') ? '&' : '?') + 'contact=' + encodeURIComponent(; } }, 2000); } }, 250); </script>

Now when your students watch your videos, all of their activity is tracked inside of Spotlightr analytics. For example, this student with email watched one video and watched about 50% of it:

For more info on student profiles and analytics, please check this article.

For more information on tracking your students on all platforms, not just Thinkific, check this article.

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