Uploading a video directly to  Spotlightr is the only way that we can guarantee performance because we don't have to rely on 3rd party settings and it's own performance issues. Therefore our best advice is to always use Spotlightr for your hosting service and then embed videos on your site.

To embed a video on your site, just grab the embed code for desired video from Spotlightr interface.

Always use the Copy to clipboard button, since the entire code is not displayed.

A pop-up window will inform you that the code is successfully copied.

Now paste the code to the appropriate section on your site.

Here is an example for embedding a video on WordPress based site. Go to your Post or Page, and then add the embed code. Be sure you are using the Code Editor, not the Visual Editor:

That's it. The video is now embedded to your page..

If you are experiencing issues with placing the original code, you might want to try the Fallback Embed code.

Here are some additional settings that apply to the code in real time, which means that you need to configure these options before copying the embed code.

These options are described in the article Sizing and positioning the embedded and popup players.

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