With team accounts you can set up separate accounts for people on your team with their own usernames and passwords. This way you can give people access to your account without having to give them your own username and password.

You can give people full admin access or restrict their access to only certain areas or functionalities of the application.

To access this feature, click on your Profile and then Team Users:

Click on New User:

Fill out the account information for their profile and then decide on their permission level. Leaving Full Permissions ON will give the user full access to the entire account:

If you want to restrict access, simply turn that off and then you will see a list of Spotlightr features and functionalities:

Simply check off which ones you want your team member to access and then click on the Create User button.

In this example, I want the user to be able to upload new videos, edit them, and give access to only the Sales group of videos:

And then to update the permissions of a user or to reset their password, simply click the edit button next to their account:

Once you edit the password or update the permissions, be sure to click on the Update button:

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