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Migrating Vimeo videos to Spotlightr
Migrating Vimeo videos to Spotlightr

You can migrate your Vimeo video source files over to Spotlightr with just a few clicks.

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We are able to move all of your videos over to Spotlightr from Vimeo quickly and easily.

First, you need to ensure that all of your videos have the correct Privacy settings in order for us to be able to access them via API.

To set the correct permissions in Vimeo, go to your video management page here:

Then select all of your videos and click on Privacy:

When the Privacy window appears, make sure all settings look like this:

If your videos are in multiple folders, you will need to set correct permissions for all videos in each folder.

Next, you need your Vimeo User ID number. To get that just go here:

Copy your user ID number and save it somewhere:

Once that is done, your videos are ready for migration.

Please note that if you are keeping your videos on Vimeo and want the same privacy settings as before, don't forget to go back and revert them back using the same bulk change.

In Spotlightr, within Add Videos of an existing or new Project, switch to the Migrate tab, select Vimeo from the drop-down list, and click on Get Videos.

Once you click that button, you will see a pop-up window. If for some reason you are logged out of Vimeo, it will ask you to log in. Then you'll need to give Spotlightr necessary permissions by clicking on the button Allow:

Then copy your Vimeo Access Token:

And paste it into the corresponding field. Now paste your Vimeo User ID into the corresponding field and click on Get Videos.

Depending on how many videos you have, it may take just a few seconds or a few minutes to bring up all of your videos. If you have hundreds of videos it may take up to 3 or 4 minutes to load them all.

By default, all videos from your Vimeo account will be selected. Just select which ones you want to move. The dropdown will show all folders in your account and all will be selected.

For example, if you have only 1 folder selected in the dropdown, then only the videos will show for that folder on the left. You can then unselect videos from that list if you don't want to migrate them. Or keep them all checked to migrate them.

If you check off a 2nd folder, then the videos from both folders will appear.

If you have hundreds of videos in your account, we recommend you uncheck folders to select only 1 or 2 folders at a time.

When you are ready to start importing them click on the button Import.

Once you do that, it will take some time to migrate them.

While migrating, your screen will be processing them one at a time. Please do not close that window.

As it progresses you will see them complete one at a time:

Once completely finished, you will see the message "Migration Completed".

If you have any problems or questions, please reach out to Support Team.

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