We are able to move all of your videos over to Spotlightr from Vimeo quickly and easily.

First you need to ensure that all of your videos have the correct Privacy settings in order for us to be able to access them via API.

To set the correct permissions in Vimeo, go to your video management page here: https://vimeo.com/manage/videos

Then select all of your videos and click on Privacy:

When the Privacy window appears, make sure all settings look like this:

Please note that if you are keeping your videos on Vimeo and need some private after migration, simply go back to these settings and change your videos in bulk to whatever settings you wish.

Once that is done, your videos are ready for migration.

Now go to your Spotlightr account and click on Mass Import from your main dashboard:

Then click on the Import External tab, select Vimeo, and click the Authorize Spotlightr button:

Once you click that button, you will see a window pop-up with your Authorization Token. Copy that and paste it to Your Vimeo Access Token field:

Next you need your Vimeo User ID number. To get that just go here: http://vimeo.com/settings/account

Copy your user ID number:

And then paste it to the Your Vimeo User ID field. Then click on Get Vimeo Videos:

Depending on how many videos you have, it may take just a few seconds or a few minutes to bring up all of your videos. Just select which ones you want to move and click on Migrate Videos:

Once you do that, it will take some time to migrate them. For example, 20 videos will take about 1 minute. If you have hundreds of videos, it will take a bit of time.

While migrating, your screen will be processing them one at a time. Please do not close that window.

Once finished, you will see this message at the bottom:

If you have any problems or questions please reach out to support.

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