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Access Code Management

Access codes provide a way to lock your content via Gallery Pages. Use codes to restrict who can see Gallery pages and when.

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Using access codes you can manage who sees your Gallery page as well as when they can see them. This article will explain the different ways you can set up your access codes.

In order to activate access codes for your Gallery simply select Access Code from the drop-down in your Gallery Access tab:

Access with Login

You can enable the Access with Login option. This means that once someone enters an access code to open a Gallery, they are asked to enter their email and enter their own password for future access. This is to make it easier for them to access the Gallery at a later time, in that they can more easily remember their own password as opposed to an access code of random numbers and letters.

However, if you don't want them to access with a Login just leave this option unchecked, so they will only use the access code given to them:

Creating access codes

Within the Access tab click on the Add Codes button:

That will then open the Create New Codes panel:

In this panel, you will have a few options. You can upload your own codes and configure the expiration, or you can have Spotlightr generate random access codes and configure the expiration.

Adding your own codes

To add your own codes, simply click on the upload icon and then upload a CSV file:

The file should be just one column, with no title, and in that column are the codes. In this example, my codes are the actual email addresses of people. And I am creating 5 of them:

Once uploaded, it will automatically add the number of codes from the sheet:

Then you just need to set the Expiration parameters from the Code Expires drop-down field. Once you click on the drop-down you are presented with 4 choices:

Never - This means codes never expire and will work for as long as they exist. The only way to remove access would be to delete the actual code.

After X unlocks - This limits the number of times the code can be used. If you choose this option and add 5, then each code can be used a total of 5 times.

On a particular date - All codes will work as many times as it's used, but all will expire on the date set.

Time after unlock - Set how long the code can be activated after its first use. For example, setting this to 10 days means that the code will work for only 10 days after its initial use.

In this example, I will choose to have the codes expire on December 1st. Then just click on Create.

Then you will see the uploaded codes:

Codes automatically generated

Alternatively, you can have Spotlightr generate random access codes for you.

In this example, I am choosing to create 5 more codes that will all expire after being used 5 times:

Now you can also see these 5 under your Manage Access tab:

When a viewer tries to access a Gallery with an access code, they will see this first:

After entering the access code and clicking on Validate Code, they will be prompted to use an email and create a password for future access. This is only done once per access code.

Remember this is the case because the "Access with Login" option is enabled (discussed at the beginning of this article):

This will allow the user to create a password they can remember instead of using an access code that may be difficult to remember.

**Important Note** Any time they launch the Gallery going forward they can use either the access code or their newly created login to open the Gallery. If they want to use their email/password they would click on the Sign In button. Or if they want to use the same access code, they would just enter it in the Enter code field:

If you have any further questions please reach out to the helpdesk.

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