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Gallery Module Overview
Gallery Module Overview

Create hosted or self-hosted gallery pages that can host one or more videos.

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The Spotlightr Gallery Module is a fantastic option if you wish to create a simple and cleanly designed page that holds multiple videos intended for a particular audience. Gallery pages can be hosted on or even embedded into your own site as an iframe.

These pages can be set to have public access or can be accessed only via access keys or payment.

Getting Started

Gallery pages can be populated by individual Sections, with each Section holding one or more videos. Instead of adding videos, you can also choose to enter any content you wish with a WYSIWYG HTML editor.

Sections can be organized however you wish. For example, if you are creating Tutorials for your software then each Section could represent the main feature of your software. Or if you are creating a Gallery page to send to students each Section could represent a week's worth of video lessons.

Every Project has it's own section for modules, including the Gallery module. To get started, click on the Galleries module tab in your desired Project. Please note that only videos in the project can be added to the gallery.

on the left-side menu of your Dashboard and then click on the New Gallery button. Name your Gallery and then click Create.


To start adding videos or content to a Section, simply click on it. Then you will see a dropdown where you can select Videos or the HTML editor:

I'll keep the Section Type as Videos and name it. Within the Search field, start typing a video name or select it from the drop-down list to add it to this section.

Once you have added desired videos, you can change their order by drag & drop. The bucket icon will remove a video from the section. Finally, click on the button Add Section to preserve it.

Once saved, the section will auto-collapse. You can expand and subsequently edit it of course.

Repeat these steps to create additional Sections. There is no limit to the number of sections you can create or the number of videos in each Section.

HTML Sections

Various use cases may require you to add content in-between sections or under a video list. For example, you may want to show a row of videos and a google form to complete underneath them. To accomplish this you may switch the section type from videos to HTML.

Here I added a section called "Exercise Review" using the editor underneath the first section of videos which has 3 videos:

Gallery Settings

Here is where you can rename your Gallery page and write a description of your Gallery. The description will show at the top of the Gallery page.

In the Appearance section, you configure the look and design of the Gallery page.

There are options to select the Dark/Light theme, select layout, add a logo, adjust header alignment, add a trailer video, and add a video or picture as a background.

The Gallery Layout options featured the Carousel layout and the Grid layout. The Carousel will show one line of videos that will scroll left and right. The Grid will show all videos on the screen in a grid without the need to scroll left or right.

If you want to add a trailer video it will show at the top of your Gallery page with the title and description. It will always show regardless of the Access Settings.

The background image or video can be added via a link or upload. We've also added a variety of background images you can use by clicking on the Image Templates icon.

Once you set your desired preferences, do not forget to Save your settings.

***Important note*** When you add an image for Gallery Logo, it will replace your Gallery Name/Title in the Gallery.

There is also a Playback section to adjust the behavior of the videos in your gallery.

In the Access tab, you can configure Gallery Access.

Open indicates that it does not require any special access codes or purchases. Anyone with the link to the Gallery may open it. But they must have the link as your Gallery can't be browsed publicly from anywhere on

The next option is to configure Access Codes. Here you can configure different codes that can be used to open the Gallery page. Without a code, the page cannot be accessed at all.

Finally, we have Paid Access which allows you to charge for access to your Gallery by integrating your Stripe account with Spotlightr.

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