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Setting up Gallery payments
Setting up Gallery payments

Set up your Stripe account and configure your Gallery to collect payments from your audience

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With Spotlightr you don't pay any additional fees to collect payments. It's free and included with your subscription plan!

With Stripe Connect you can connect your Stripe account to Spotlightr. We'll handle the payments from your customers and pay out directly to your Stripe account. Set up is quick and easy. Spotlightr charges no additional fees for this, so the only fees you will pay will be standard Stripe fees.

The minimum amount you must charge for a paid gallery is $1.

Here are the main steps

  1. Create Stripe account

  2. Connect your Stripe to Spotlightr

  3. Choose Product during Gallery set-up

For one-time payment products, you don't even need to set up a product inside of Stripe. For subscription payments you do need to set up a product in Stripe, which we'll review below.

If you haven't set up a Stripe account yet, the following steps will take you through that. If you have already, you can skip ahead to section 2.

1. Creating a Stripe account

First step is to create the account and enter the basic info:

Next step is to verify your email address and account. Check your email to verify your account, the email will look like this:

Then click to activate your Stripe account:

Next you'll be taken through a variety of questions and fields to fill out, like your country, business website, business name, business address, etc.

Please note if you do NOT have a registered business, you should select that you are a Individual/Sole proprietor. In this case you will not have an EIN number but will instead use your social security number.

I won't go through each step here as it's self-explanatory. Once all required fields are done just submit your application:

The next step will be to verify your identity and proof of address. You will get an email similar to this:

Once you upload your documents you should get approval fairly quickly.

2. Connecting Stripe with Spotlightr

Once your account is approved, you can move forward to connect your Stripe account to Spotlightr. This is done through your Gallery.

Here is a basic Gallery that I have set up that I want to take payments for access. As you can see, all that is configured is one Section with two videos, a title, and a description:

Go to the Access tab, click the dropdown, and select Paid Access:

Then click on Connect Stripe.

You will be redirected to Stripe portal where you can select an already existing account or click to create a new account:

Then you will be redirected back to your Spotlightr Integrations section. You will see that is says "Connected" next to Stripe:

3. Choose your product in your Gallery

One-time payments:

Now navigate back to your Gallery and you will see you can choose the Payment Type for this Gallery. For this one let's choose One-Time payment and enter the amount of $20.

Subscription payments

We have a tutorial video on this set-up, or you can review the steps in text below.

To set up subscription payments, first you need to add that product inside your Stripe account.

Go to Products and then Add product:

Enter your product information:

Enter your pricing information. In this example I use Standard pricing and charge $5/month for access. Then click on Save Product:

Now when you set up your payment option in your Gallery, choose Subscription here:

And then choose the Product you want to use from your Stripe account:

If you want to add a more descriptive name for that "Subscription Plan" then go to the

Product and go to Additional options>> Price description:

That's it. You're now ready to take subscription or one-time payments for your Gallery.

If you have any further questions please reach out to the helpdesk.

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