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Video Reports

Filter and review reports for a video analytics across specific videos, domains, dates, and more.

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An overview and centralized resource of your video performance can be found when you visit Video Reports from the left menu:

Overview & How It Works

With this module you can run report on a a video or multiple videos across your entire account. While analytics for individual videos are quite valuable, this module gives you more of a "big picture" look across your projects.

Based on the filters you set you can check Loads, Play Rate, Avg. Watched and Complete Rate analytics as compared to the previous period.

Filter by Date

When you first log into this module you will see your Filters on the left and your Videos on the right. The videos you see on the left will be based on the filters set.

In this example, we open the module and the filters is set to show videos with data within the last week only. No other filters are set. So this is showing you videos that loaded at least once during the past week:

(Right-click and open in new tab to view bigger version)

You can click the 3-dot menu to see some date filter options.

Or you can just edit the date fields directly as well.

Filter By Specific Video, Domain, or Location

You can filter by specific video or project, domain, or location. In this example we are looking at the videos from one project over the past week. The percentages you see are a comparison over the prior period.

So in this example, Aerial Shot Of Seascape had 58 Loads from 12/14 to 12/21 which is up 346% from the period of 12/7 till 12/14.

Save & Export Reports

The report you ran can be exported to Google Docs by clicking the Export button:

And if this is a report you will need a lot, you can save the report and the filters you used by clicking on Save Report:

Finally, you can pull up your saved reports by clicking on this icon:

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