Users now have the ability to review and run Reports.

Reports provide you with a centralized resource which you can use to review the performance of all of your videos.

Reporting and Filters

When you load the Reports page it will automatically show your video performance over the past 7 days. You can change that to whatever date range you want. For this article we'll stick with the past 7 days:

This will load all of your metrics for the past 7 days and then show a comparison in a percentage of how it compares to the previous 7 days.

For example, the Robot Dance video had 15 loads in the last 7 days. That is up 100% as compared to the 7 days previous:

You'll see this information across all 4 metrics Loads, Play Rate, Average Percentage Watch, and Completion Rate. For definition and more information on what these 4 metrics mean, please see this article on Understanding Analytics.

On the right side you can filter your Report by video, domain it played on, and location.

Saving and Automatic Reporting

Once you have the Report filters set how you want you can also save it and have it emailed to you on a regular basis. Just click on the "Save and Automate Report" button on the bottom right corner:

And then name it and choose the frequency. Then click "Save & Automate Report".

Here I chose to have it emailed every week:

And finally there is an option to "Export Data". This will export the data for you into a Google Sheet.

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