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Show Overlay At The End Of The Video
Show Overlay At The End Of The Video

How to prompt a viewer to take a particular action at the end of the vide.

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There are a few ways to show an overlay at the end of your video. By overlay we mean any type of "element" on top of your video. In this case, your overlay may be a text link, image, opt-in form, etc. Anything you want to show in order to elicit some sort of action from the viewer, or to give them more information after the video is finished.

Overlays & Annotations

They first way is to use our overlays /annotations and have it set to show at the end of the video and have it pause the video as well.

Here is an example of how to do that. This is the end result of the configuration below:

In this particular video, I have a full screen text link overlay appearing at the end of my video. I'll use the Text Link >> Full Screen Overlay template for this.

1 - Since the video I'm using is 33 seconds long, I set the overlay to start at :32 and set the duration to 1 second:

2 - Set the link and link options:

3 - Add your content and configure content options:

4 - Enable "Pause video"

On-Finish Action

The second way is via an on-finish action. Just check this article and use the action of your choice. Each one of those actions will be executed when the video ends.

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