SMS Capture Gate

Access only if mobile number is submitted

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This feature allows you to lock your video, giving access only to users who submit their mobile number.

Most importantly, it will also verify that the submitted number is valid by sending a verification code to that phone number. The viewer will need to retrieve that code from their phone and type in the code to unlock the video.

In order to send these verification codes, it is necessary to have SMS Credits.

To configure this feature, edit your video and navigate to the Player tab >> Advanced Options >> Lead Generation >> Capture SMS

The first step is to configure when the gate will appear in your video. In this example we'll configure it to appear at the :03 second mark:

Next enter your content for the Title, Description, and Button:

Configure the design of the modal:

After the user has entered his number he will receive a verification message to ensure it's a valid number. Once verified the phone number will be added to your contact data in the Audience module.

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