The Email Capture Gate feature is a marketing tool with the goal of collecting email leads. It will lock the video at a desired point and require an email address to be entered before continuing with the video.

Connect it to your favorite Email Service Provider and collect the email addresses directly to that platform. To find out more about which integrations are available with Spotlightr check our article on supported integrations.

Here is a live example of the Email Gate:

To configure this feature, simply navigate to Interaction & Gates >> Email Capture Gate.

First you'll need to configure the time in the video you want to present the gate. Here we will choose :03 seconds:

Next, add content to your Lock Title, Description, and Button:

Then configure any additional Settings that you require.

In this example, we are going to check the box for validate the email as well as connect to our autoresponder.

Once you check off the autoresponder, you will select the name of the integration you want to use and then the list name. For instructions on setting up different integrations, please check our Integrations Category:

Then be sure to click on the "Add List" button. That will result in a confirmation with check box next to it and an icon to disconnect the integration:

The last step is to configure the style of your Gate. We currently have 2 styles which are the "overlay" style and the "pop-up" style. With each style you have options to configure colors, animation, position, images, and more.

Your popup style options are here:

And here is what that Gate looks like in this style:

And your overlay style options:


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