Q: Can I calculate how much storage will my video consume?

Since it depends on the video quality and resolution, codecs, format, etc there is no algorithm which can calculate how much space your video will consume in Spotlightr.
To get an idea...to our experience about 1 hour of video content takes approximately 1 GB of storage space.


Q: How can you check how much storage each video is consuming?

Every uploaded video will have these files:

  • Video file in .MP4 or .M3U8 
  • Additional files created in other resolutions in .MP4 or .M3U8
  • Splash Screen Poster image in .jpg format
  • Email Preview image in .gif format
  • Optional: .vtt file (subtitle)

To check how much storage each video is consuming, go to your Account Settings and choose My Files.

Click here to open this GIF in a new tab in order to view it in the higher resolution.

To make sure that you have selected the desired video, just click on the item in the column "Used on" and the name of the video will be shown.

There are options to download or delete the selected video in the same row.


Q: Can I download the .m3u8 file?

You could but it would be encrypted and unusable. In order to download your HLS encrypted videos from Spotlightr, it is necessary to activate Enable Video Download option under Player Controls. When you activate this option, Spotlightr will create an .MP4 version of the video for download. Then launch the WATCH page and click the icon to download it.


Q: Will the linked videos consume my storage space?

Linked videos are not physically hosted by Spotlightr, so they are not consuming the storage space. 


Q: Why does one uploaded video take up 2X the storage of the size of the file I uploaded?

Your original videos are converted to several different resolutions, therefore, they consume more space.

This is configured in that way to allow better streaming according to the available internet bandwidth. You can read more about this process here.


Q: Why is the .m3u8 file much bigger than my original source file size?

All encrypted files ".m3u8" contain your original secured video plus any lower resolution videos, which explains why these files are several times bigger than the original.

For example, if you upload some 4K video (4096 × 2160), the .m3u8 container will consist of these videos: 2160p + 1080p + 720p + 360p

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