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Share Widget For Social Media
Share Widget For Social Media

Enable a widget on your video so people can share it on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn quickly and easily

Updated over a week ago

The Share Widget is a small icon on top of your video that allows viewers to easily and quickly share your video on social media.

This option is found in your Theme. Navigate to your Theme >> Player Settings >> Share Widget to activate it:

After the activation, a widget will appear on your video at the upper right corner:

And then once clicked by a view, the various social networks to share it on will appear. The social networks used are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

The URL that is shared is the URL the video is embedded.

You can adjust the size of the button by adding custom code. To add custom code to your player, you'll need to open up the Theme >> Advanced Options >> Watch Page and enter code here under Advanced Options.

This will alter the player not just on your Watch Page but in your embedded player as well.

In this example we are scaling the size of the button down by 50%:

.share-button {
transform: scale(0.5);
transform-origin:bottom right;

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